Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wishing you all a GREAT week!

This is my last layout of the weekend. Overall I am happy with the scrapping I got done this weekend. Tomorrow starts another work week so I doubt I will get any scrapping in until Friday. This week brings a lot of worry for me. My mom is still in the hospital, doing her best to bounce back but she's not coming along as I have become accustomed to her doing. So that weighs on my mind. But mostly right now is my best friend's sister, Cynthia, who is commencing on the fight of her life. Cynthia is in her mid-50's but is mentally challenged and realistically is about 12. She has a heart of gold and is the sweetest person you would ever meet. About two months ago she began coughing and thought she had a cold but could not shake it. After a few more tests and x-rays, the diagnosis through us all for a loop. Lung Cancer. She never smoked, didn't work so was not exposed to anything other than her home. Tomorrow she is having surgery to remove part of her lung. Please keep her in your prayers. See why I'm cranky sometimes?? If its not one thing, its another here! One good thing is I don't have too much running to do this week. School shopping is mostly complete, Susie has no activities until school starts and Matt just has football every day but that's here in town so its not a big deal. Other than visiting with Cyn hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday, and at least one trek up 3 hours round trip to visit my mom, the only other thing I would like to do but not sure if it will happen this week or not, is visit my friend Lisa. Lisa and Jason are the proud parents of baby Ryan (you might remember me whining about making a baby album for her shower!!) who was born 8-9-10. Isn't that just the COOLEST birth-date!

This layout was done for the weekly sketch challenge at Sketch Inspirations as well as the Monthly Bonus Challenge at Practical Scrappers -- use water...I have water in my pictures and I cut the paper to mimick a splash. It struck me as I was working on it that I have been using my circle cutter a TON lately! There was a time that I used it so infrequently that I could never find it when I needed it and for the past few months it hasn't left my desktop! There are lots of circles on this one....using BoBunny Pina Colada Popsicle and I can't find the name of the other paper (striped/dots) but its also BoBunny. I really put a dent in my BoBunny papers today! I think that was all I used other than some scraps from other manufacturers! The title letters are these new cool foil rimmed letters by Cloud Nine. I bought them a few weeks ago but haven't done anything that they would work for until now! The yellow fishies is a wood shape that I got at Michael's.

I'm off to watch the end of Fool's Gold with John and have some warm crab dip! Hope you all have a wonderful week! I plan to do some blog visiting this week to catch up on what everyone else has been doing!
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Susan, all of this I will keep in my prayers. You are such a good daughter and friend, I know that all you do will be greatly appreciated. Jewels in your crown, honey... I do wnat to comment on your work these past few days - WOWZERS! You were on a roll, and everything is beautiful!! Glad to hear I will be "working" with you, too!!


Awesome layout!!! Hang in there!


Glad to see you back into the swing of things. Have missed your layouts! Sorry to hear about all your troubling things. Life hits you hard sometimes and the only thing you can do is deal with it. Hope your mom is better soon. I'm also looking forward to working with you.

Melissa Priest

Saying a prayer for your family....thanks for submitting to the Practical Sprappers Bonus Challenge! Love your work!

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