Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yep, the only luck we have is BAD luck!

Wednesday afternoon I received a call from my daughter while I was at work. She was playing on the trampoline at a friends house and did a flip and landed wrong and "sprained my ankle really bad, mom". So thinking it was just a sprain I told her that I would pick her up on my way home from work about 2 hours later. The mother of the girl she was hanging out with never got on the phone or made any attempt to suggest that I MIGHT want to come an get her NOW! Anyway, I get to the house to get her and see her standing outside on crutches! Once again, nothing from the mom other than to let me know that I can return the crutches tomorrow. Ok. As we pull away I tell my daughter to lower her sock. O-M-G! Her ankle is as big as her calf and its already starting to bruise. So rather than go home we went straight to the emergency room. 3 hours, $50 and 1 x-ray later we left the hospital with our own crutches and her leg set in a hard splint, a copy of the x-rays and instructions to call an orthopedic doctor in the morning because she has "a break". The next morning I call the doctors recommended by the emergency room and they want no part of us after I read the report from the hospital. The break is near/in her growth plate. After two more tries with other doctors, all refusing to see her I am referred to Dupont Children's Hospital in Delaware who have a satellite office here in NJ. I get an appointment on FRIDAY. Upon the Dupont doctor looking at the x-ray I am told that she not only has "a break", but she has TWO breaks, a fracture and she chipped the corner of her tibia clear off and it is now floating very close to the growth plate. She set my daughter's leg in a hot pink cast (color by Susie's choice) and told me that we needed to come back in a week for another x-ray to determine where that bone fragment settled and that will determine whether or not she will need to have surgery to have the fragment removed and the growth plate closed. YIKES! So tomorrow is the day we will find out if she will need surgery! Please keep us in your thoughts! In the meantime, I've done a little scrapping to keep myself occupied, while tending to the princess's every need! :) I had to do this layout of her leg right away. I still, a week later, look at her and just cannot believe that she broke her leg so badly! She's been a real trooper though....other than being sick of not being able to just get up and go she really has not complained at all!

The only good thing coming out of this is that I have to leave work early every day to pick her up. She normally walks home but not on crutches! So I've got some extra free time and am glad to be scrapping a little bit again! A Cherry On Top has a crop starting this Friday and I'm trying to get ready for that. I love ACOT crops! Even took the day off on Monday and Tuesday to finish some of the challenges for the crop!

Hope everyone else has been well!! I haven't had a chance to blog hop much but I hope to get to visiting everyone soon!!  Below are a couple more layouts I have completed over the past week.  The only one I need to mention is the Summer layout which was based on this weeks sketch at Creative Sketches.

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