Monday, July 5, 2010

Caution....Woman At Work!!

Its HOT out there today!! I bailed on going on a motorcycle ride with John in favor of staying in the AC. I think 10 hours at the beach yesterday did me in and I have no desire to see or feel the sun whatsoever today! So instead, I started cleaning. Got through the living room and kitchen, did some laundry and then walked into my scraproom/kids playroom. The running joke in our house is everytime Mom does a deep cleaning or rearranging in the scrap/playroom, the kids lose a little more of their playroom and mom gains a little more scraproom! So its true! I can't help it!! One of my friends stopped over this morning and she had never been in this room before. She knew I was a scrapbooker but she said this morning that she assumed I had a little enough to fit into a carry bag! She almost DIED when she walked into the room. Not only do I HAVE a large carry bag...I have THREE of them and they are all packed with stuff too! John and Yayoi (my friend) laughed at John's comment that my scrapping stuff is like a just keeps growing! Ha..ha...very funny!
 But, not to burst their bubbles and take away their joke fodder, I did some rearranging today! I moved the couch that WAS in front of the big window and put that in front of the non-working, waste of space, drives me insane because it takes up needed space fireplace. Got rid of the recliner that WAS in front of the fireplace. It was old and really just in the way anyway. Right now you can see the edge of it next to my desk and in front of my Cutting Station. I have to wait till tomorrow night to really get rid of it....trash day! I still have a lot of sorting to do....I'm a messy scrapper and honestly, after John put together my new IKEA stuff back in April, I just shoved stuff in it rather than sort and organize....but I am really happy to have those plastic bins stacked only ONE high in front of the windows. They contain all my scraps, kits and mini-books, specialty papers, etc. Before they were staked 3 high and I honestly didn't use or even look at the stuff in them because it was too difficult for me to get at anything. The weight on top made the bottom drawers difficult to open and I couldn't reach the top drawers without a chair! So it was easier to just use a new sheet of paper rather than a scrap! So yes, I have expanded. I told Matt that by the time we move (in almost exactly a year from now) they will have no more than a 24" square of carpet in front of the tv as their playroom! HAHAHAH!! He was not amused! So, that's what I've been up to today. Gonna try to get a little scrapping in now before I have to leave to take Susie to Crew and Matt to the mall for a new hat! I cannot stand to look at the sweat lines on the one he's been wearing anymore! And the STINK....ugh....boys! I tried washing it in the dishwasher and it still stinks and still looks awful. So to the mall for a new Yankees hat we go!
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Wendy Crowe

OMG!! What an awesome scrap space!! I am so jealous! I am totally stuffed into a little corner. Can I move in with you???


I loved getting a little peek into your scrapspace. I too share my area (basement) with my children's play space. I look forward to the day that I either 1) move upstairs to a soon to be vacated BR, or 2) they outgrow the need for toy storage! I also have a fireplace that takes up space and is totally a pain! I currently have a small 2'x4' table with the legs at toddler height sitting on the hearth. This is my only sit down work space as my other surfaces are all counter height.


I love the look of your scrap space and learning a little more about you and your personal space. I've just quit my rep job and can't wait to reclaim my space as purely scrap material and not doubling as office! Maybe I'll post mine after I'm done! Thanks for sharing!!

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