Monday, May 24, 2010

50th Anniversary Favors!

Back in February I made a bunch of those $1 Target Mailboxes for Valentine's Day and showed my coworkers.  A few of them asked me to make them some which I did.  Fortunately I had bought all the mailboxes I could find (ya never know when they will have them) so still had a bunch left over.  My coworker Maddie is throwing a 50th Anniversary party and asked if I could do up some mailboxes in a 50th Anniversary theme for table decorations at the party.  So that's what I have been doing for the past two days.  Made 6 of them and I think they really came out cute!!
 Other than those, I haven't done anything else crafty.  I have two more big projects to do in the next couple is a baby boy first year album for my friend Lisa who is quite pregnant with baby Ryan!  I would like to have it complete for her shower (and since I haven't heard anything about it yet, I'm still ok on time!!) and so far all I have done is collected the papers, album and most embellishments for it.  The other project I want to finish is to make a paper flower arrangement for my friend Andrea who has been driving my son home from school every day since September.  Since I know she will not take money from me, I had an idea.  I want to make a paper flower arrangement and then put in a stake with what will look like a card (you know those little cards you get in a flower arrangement?) but instead of it being a card, it will be a gift card!!  So it will be like two gifts in one.  I have the flower pot, wooden skewer, floral foam and spanish moss, but still have no idea what kind of flowers I want to make.  I will try to get some work done on those two projects over the weekend.  Hoping for some scrappy time tomorrow...but who knows....I think I am also on the verge of getting sick.  About 2pm I started coughing and can feel my chest getting tighter by the hour.  Cross your fingers for me...I hate being sick and especially with Memorial Day Weekend coming up!


Betty Anne

Susan the mail box is beautiful and I'm sure your friend will be very pleased with it. I love the idea of the gift card flower arrangement, can't wait to see it when you get done. Good luck on your other projects.
My fingers and toes are crossed you aren't getting sick.


Super cute! So much better than anything you can buy! What a great friend you are.

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