Saturday, May 22, 2010

Busy Little Bee!

Don't ya just hate when you look forward to the weekend coming ALL WORK WEEK LONG and then when it finally gets here, you have so much to do that all the things you were looking forward to (like scrapping, enjoying the sunshine, etc.) get pushed aside!  That's what's happening today!  Its the day of my 25th High School Reunion.  Since I now live almost 2 hours away from where I grew up, we will have to leave here around 4:30pm.  Between now and then I have to drop off son at baseball practice, go to the Post Office and bank, stop somewhere to get a new pair of sunglasses since I seem to have lost mine yesterday (no biggie, they were 4 years old and really scratched up anyway), pick son up from baseball practice, drop daughter off at softball practice, go to Motor Vehicle, iron clothes for tonight for both me and John, go to daughters softball game, come home, shower dress and go.  Phew....I'm exhausted already!  That leaves exactly zero minutes for scrapping today!  Oh, and somewhere in this mix I have to pick the winner of Let's Scrap Blog Hop Stop #1! 

I was able to get a little scrapping in yesterday.  This first one was for a challenge at Let's Scrap.  The photos are of me and some work friends who went to a Bee Gee's tribute concert at the OCean City Music Pier!  We were able to go backstage and have a photo taken with the "Brothers Gibb".  They really were good and I wish that they would do it again....I'd so totally go again...I still like the Bee Gee's even if its not cool as my kids say!

And this one is another in my Antigua vacation book.  Its of a place called Shirley Heights which boasts the best views of the Antigua sunset!!  Its soooo hard working on these pages because we had such an amazing time that I want to be back there!! 
And finally I just have two pictures that I wanted to post.  I've been playing around with my new camera and these two are my favorites!!  My son and some of his friends on his baseball team (my son would be the clown in the front!!) after a great win on Thursday night, and my daughter....still sleepy eyed!!  I love my crazy, unorganized but full of love, life!



Nice to see some of your layouts posted! Thought for a while you went MIA! Love the Stayin Alive layout! I saw the Bee Gees ages ago and loved the whole experience. Great paper choices. Also love your vacation layout. Again your papers blend so well with your wonderful photos! Your pictures you posted are so crystal clear. Would love to have a new camera. Good luck today with your extremely long list of things to do! Hope you find some sunglasses and have a great time at your reunion! Better see some layouts of that!


Great layouts. Love the stars on Staying Alive. Those photos are great! I bet you're loving your new camera. Crazy day ahead of you, enjoy!

Betty Anne

Fantasic layouts Susan. Love the color of the papers you used in your vacation layout, they go perfectly with the pictures.
Great pictures of your kids, looks like your camera take fabulous photos.

MoMo sprnany

amazing lo's....I'm so bummed I couldn't finish the blog hop...I can't believe how crazy everything got so fast!

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