Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy NSD!!

I've been a bit quiet because we've been dealing with some unwelcomed guests in our house....squirrels.  Its been three days of terror for me....tiptoeing around and peeking around corners in case another one got in.  As I type this there is a squirrel trapped in my laundry room until John wakes up in the morning and gets rid of it.  It was funny the first two days, but now...I'm done with this.  Arhhhhh, its always something around here!

I did manage to get over to ACOT for a little bit this evening and did one challenge and a Fast Scrap. 
The layout was part of a challenge in which we were shown two layouts and had to scraplift something from each of them to create our layout:

The Fastscrap was to create a layout in a real frame that could hang on the wall.  We had 1 hour to finish it.  Of course I saw the challenge with only 25 minutes left and just missed the deadline but its ok!  I think my frame is kinda cute!!
I am heading to bed....lots to do tomorrow.  MAtt has baseball practice at 8, Susie has a game at 1 and then to a sleepover about 20 minutes away, we have to get to the bottom of this squirrel invasion, plus I want to do lots of scrapping!  Don't forget to check out Let's Scrap....lots of fun tomorrow!!


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