Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Ramblings

Sundays usually stress me out. Its silly, I know, but I spend Sunday's thinking about all the things I wanted to accomplish over the weekend and inevitably, not all of those things get done. Sometimes even the smallest of to-do lists don't get accomplished. This Sunday has been no different. I woke up early and just putzed around doing really nothing until I had to go pick Susie up from her sleepover. We took the long way home and looked at some neighborhoods (we are moving in the next 15 months). Since we've been home all I've managed to accomplish was to spray the couch and loveseat with Resolve and scrub them nice and good. They are still wet so nobody can sit in the living room! That worked out well as I did clean up in there and now nobody is in there to mess it up. BUT, I stll have laundry to do, laundry from last week still sitting folded in baskets, my room is a mess and I didn't even finish putting away the groceries from yesterday....its only a few bottles of soda left on the table...but still! Anyway, I decided to check out the challenges at ACOT that I missed last night and decided to do this one. The challenge was to scrap a memory you have of the 80's. Well, my friends, the 80's were MY DECADE! I graduated high school in 1985. Got married in 1987. So many FIRSTS in the 80's!! I still like 80's music, not so much into the big hair anymore but I certainly helped fuel the economy with all the giant cans of AquaNet hairspray I bought! This layout represents the things I remember most from the 80's. I journaled in white ink along the edges with some of the fads that I remembered most. The photos I got off the internet of the things I MOST remember....roller skates, jelly shoes, banana hair clips and my first car....a 1976 Ford Granada! Wow...what a blast this one was. Back to reality now....time to empty the dishwasher!  Might be back later with more if I can get more scrapping in!

ETA:  I'm back...this one will do two challenges.  One for using the title of a Madonna song and the other for the weekly sketch at Sketch Inspirations.  The photo isn't the best, but it was printed and I just can't let a printed photo go to waste!!  I used more OLD papers...trying to use up as much stash as I can although I donated a 2 foot pile the other day of HORRIBLY OLD and HORRIBLE papers.  For some reason I used to like Keeping Memories Alive plaids!  LMAO!  I don't think I EVER used them on a page either but man did I have a ton of it! 

PS - I have 80s music playing on my computer and its driving my daughter NUTS!  She thinks its horrible!

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You remind me of myself on Sundays!Nice to see I'm not alone on you usual Sunday thoughts. Love your take on the 80's. I have a few years on you, but remember those days. Single, wild and free!

Betty Anne

Loved your 80's layout and the layout of you hubby. I especially loved getting to read about some of your memories of the 80's. Mine would be getting married and becoming a mother. I've become a follower and will be back to check your site out more closely.


Your 80's layout ROCKS!!! Love it heaps!!! :D

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