Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Need suggestions for Kit Clubs!

OK, I've been a member of three different kit clubs for the past 2-3 years.  I am getting tired of 2 of them and would like to change.  I won't name the ones I am with now but the prices continue to rise and the kits seem to all look the same anymore.  Even using the same lines 2-3 months apart.  So I have cancelled the two that I am not happy with and would LOVE to get suggestions from anyone who visits my blog on a good Kit Club.  I have been looking at Cocoa Daisy but haven't made any decisions yet until I see what else is out there.  If you wouldn't mind just taking a minute to let me know your thoughts on good kit clubs, and what you like about them, I'd really appreciate it!!

Now its off to the first baseball game of the season for my son!  Its so cold here today....I wish we had the weather we had LAST was 90!!!  Today its 50 and dreary.  Game isn't until 7pm so you KNOW I'm gonna be cold sitting in the stands!  Ahh, what a mother does for her children!  :)



That's a hard question. I've joined scrap jammies (no longer around), SEI, StoryTellers (don't join-all 1 diminutional), Club Scrap and probably others I don't remember. Of them all I like club Scrap the best. But if you already have tons of stuff, I'd skip the clubs and instead find a great site and buy paper and bling that you absolutely love. It's cheaper and you know for sure you will jump up and down when the fedex guy comes :) If you stuck on a club, maybe take a look at Quick Quotes. They have a 4 pages a month kit, as well as a canvas kit of a month club. I've never done their club, but that's because I take their weekend long convention every year and before that, made sure I took their classes at Again, it's nice to choose what you are paying for :))

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