Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Scrapping Gods Are Mad At Me!

WARNING - Long post...with pictures!

All I want to do is scrap. But noooooo....I had to decide on the spur of the moment to re-do my scraproom! That started on Sunday after a trip to Ikea. Here's a couple pictures of John assembling my furniture.

So far so good right? Wrong....the last box to get opened was my desk. As you can see, all the shelving units are white. Well my desk was black. So between Sunday and today, I had my old table back as a desk.  Here are some pics of the MESS I made while trying to make room for the new furniture to go in.

I finally get to today...have the white desk and just need to put it together and put everything in its place.  Sounds like a plan right?  Well it was my plan for tonight (and then **GASP** I even planned to scrap just a little) up until noon this afternoon that is.  That's when I got the call from the school nurse.  I automatically assumed it was my daughter who went to school annoyed that I would not take her to "Take your child to work day".  You have to understand that my kids have been to my work MANY times and they HATE IT!  Its boring, there's no video games, there's nothing to do...blah blah blah.  But when she said she was calling about Matthew my heart sunk.  She said he was complaining of a lot of pain in his abdomen and since he came to her wearing gym shorts, he was able to fold the top of his shorts down where she saw "a small lump".  She said (and I agreed) that he is not one to complain and she could see the pain in his eyes and thought maybe I should pick him up and let him rest at home today.  OK....shut down the work computer (and I was being REALLY productive at work today too and off I go.  When I get him home and ask him to show me the lump I about died.   It was not SMALL at all...more like the size of a golf ball.  He was in tremendous pain by now so I skipped the pediatrician and we headed to the ER.  Fast forward 6 1/2 hours and an ultrasound, CT scan, pain killers, an IV of antibiotics, blood work, urine test, the possibility that it was a hernia...then appendicitis....we finally left the hospital about 7pm with the diagnosis of a severely strained groin muscle (inevitably from sliding in baseball) AND a bladder infection.  While I was happy to get that diagnosis as opposed to the first two...both of which would have resulted in my child having surgery and I did not want that to happen AT ALL, I once again was too wiped out to do much when I got home.  John took care of my daughter and got her to softball practice and I picked her up on the way home.  When I got home, John had assembled my desk and I once again had a mess in the room.  For the last 3 hours I've been putting things back.  Still a long way to go and some sorting and purging to do but the furniture is in place.  Here's the finished product and I have to say it was worth the stress:

I have so much more storage now....I even have some empty bins until I reorganize and do some micro-sorting.  And try to eliminate some of the plastic drawers (above) that are on the other side of the room "encroaching" on the kids half of the room as I've been told!

Now I just can't wait to create here.  Maybe tomorrow???  Oh wait...Susie has a game, I have to go grocery shopping, have to run to Kohl's before the sale on bedding is over....why Scrapbooking Gods?  What did I do!  LOL!

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Lalo aka "missbliss"

I love the new look of your site. I say stick with this one :)

Your new craft space looks awesome, and full with goodies, how nice :)


your scrap-room is fantastic!


Susan glad to hear that everything will be alright with your son. Your scrap room looks great. I am quite envious, as my room is small, cluttered and full of odds and ends, but it works. I had to laugh when I read the "empty" bins. We know they will be full soon. Hope you have some time to scrap this weekend. Will be keeping on eye out to see what you post. Got your email, will reply this weekend.

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