Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Scrapping Space In My Future!!!

So yesterday afternoon we headed out to Ikea.  Its in Philadelphia and we are at the Jersey Shore so it was about an hour drive to get there.  The "real" reason for going was to get my son a new bedroom set.  His is literally falling apart and being a teenager (aka MESSY), I didn't want to spend a ton of money on anything that would probably get ruined over the next few years.  I looked online and we decided that the Ikea furniture would serve the purpose.  And it was affordable!  For just over $300 we got a 6 drawer dresser with glass for the top, a night stand and a bed.  This is what we chose for his room:
I really like it.  Its clean and simple.  Once we got that decision made and on our cart, off we went to check out some options for my scrapbooking supplies.  I am currently using a JetMax cube system and its literally falling apart on me.  I have a makeshift shelf on top of it and while most people wouldn't notice anything, I know that its a thrown together set up and I really wanted something cleaner and put together.  I have been saving my income tax refund and bouncing ideas around my head for weeks now.  I would have loved to have gotten some other pieces to match so that I can forever get rid of the plastic drawers, but since I share my space with the kids playroom, there wasn't enough room to do what I really want.  We are planning to move in the next 18 months so hopefully I will have a better/bigger space and will add on then.  I opted for the one that was meant to hold a tv because I wanted a place for my cricut and cuttlebug right next to me!
The desk will attach to the middle of the tv shelf and the cube to the right of the tv space so that I have an open shelf for my cricut, above that will be my bulletin board which I HAVE to have.  I have so much stuff hanging on my bb!  I'd be lost without it. The smaller 4 cube will set next to it....just some more counter/cube space!!  I can't WAIT for it to all get put together.  I'm not pushing the issue (John has been working on his fishing reel all morning) but its KILLING me to sit here and look at 11 boxes of IKEA furniture sitting in my living room waiting to be assembled.

I also picked up a few other odds and ends...a set of funnels for my kitchen for 99c I got the green so they COULD match my scraproom should I need them in there  :), a huge bag of chip clips for $2 vs. the $8 I paid for 4 at a Pampered Chef party, and two sets of these jars that were only $3 for a set of 4 and perfect for my embellies:
I was very excited with my trip to Ikea and have plans in my head to go back on Aprl 30.  I'm off from work that day and can spend ALL day there without John pushing me along telling me what I don't need!  :)  As it was, all that we got took us almost 3 hours to collect, go through the checkout and load into the truck.  My next trip will be small items that will fit in my car!!!
After all that shopping we were hungry.  John suggested we find one of the "famous" cheesesteak places in Philly.  There are two...Pats & Genos.  They are across the street from each other and there's quite a friendly rivalry there.  Even though we live fairly close to Philly, I have never had a "real" Philly Cheesesteak.  We chose Geno's because the line was shorter and we got our food and hurried back to the truck to eat.  It was to cold to sit outside and eat. We got home shortly after 11pm.  But oh, what a fun day it was!!


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