Saturday, March 5, 2011

Christmas 2010

I think that I must be the only person who does not like to scrap Christmas events! I don't know what it is, whether its the fact that Christmas is such a major holiday, or I have SO many photos of the day that it overwhelms me, but I have NEVER liked scrapping Christmas. To be honest, I don't like scrapping HOLIDAYS! Give me an everyday layout, or a beach or vacation theme and I'm good to go! This year I was determined to be different. I signed on to do a December Daily album. I got photos of day 1 and day 2 and a cover made....that's it. I bought a Bo Bunny Edgy Album and the Christmas papers to go with it to make a mini album. I got the pages assembled and then had nothing really to embellish it with so I tossed it in the box of half-started projects. I realized that I didn't have too many embellishments for the season so I went nuts on ACOT and bought tons of random Christmas stuff. Problem is, nothing really matches. Some companies use bright red and green, others more burdandy and hunter, some backed with white, others with tan. UGH! So anyway when I saw the March Ad Inspiration Challenge at ACOT I immediately saw Christmas. What a great way to get the whole day captured onto ONE layout. I have already done a layout or two from this Christmas and this would be enough to finish the holiday and I won't have to stress over Christmas pictures for another 9 months! I've been sort of "planning" this layout in my head for days. I printed the photos out last night and this morning I got my cup of java and sat down to create my masterpiece. Yeah right! As usual the grandious visions I have in my head don't translate onto the page. If this isn't the most blah Christmas page you've ever seen, well you need to up your standards. Now I know its not THAT bad, and I'm not looking for anyone to say how great it is just the way it is, its just that I had such a better image of the finished product in my head. Does that make any sense? Part of the problem is that I have been drooling over some amazing layouts by "professional" know the kind.....each layout is layered with awesomeness that probably costs upwards of $15 per page (WAY out of MY budget) and techniques that I only wish I could do or have the time for. I'm a fairly quick scrapper....I would go nuts agonizing over one layout for days. And I suppose therein lies the reason that this page just doesn't have the punch I was expecting. But alas, Christmas 2010 is in the books. Here is the ad that I took my inspiration from!  Oh, and thanks for letting me vent! LOL!

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I am with you, Susan. I do not like scrapping holidays - it is overwhelming! I had so many pictures this year that I ended up making a collage through Snapfish. Those 8x10s will be much easier to scrap!

I love this layout - especially the rich papers!


I might have to take a page out of your book. I'm like you, I just never want to scrap the big pile of pictures. Easy to pull out something easier. Your page is lovely. You are tough on yourself!

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