Thursday, June 10, 2010

Two Awards today!

What fun!!  I received two awards today!!

The first was this one for winning the weekly challenge at the Pink Elephant:

And the second is this one! I made the top 3 at Frosted Designs! How neat to be able to post these on my blog!!

That's all I have for tonight!  I started a layout this afternoon but have a long way to go to finish it.   Matt had a baseball game tonight and it was such a GREAT game against the toughest team in the league.  We were down four runs for the majority of the game!  We have 2 of our better players out with injuries including our best pitcher.  In the 6th inning the coach put Matt in as a pitcher (I HATE when he pitches!).  Well he did FANTASTIC and quickly got our team out of the inning.  We were still down 4 runs going into the 7th and last inning.  The opposing team's coach (who was obnoxious the entire game) was loudly boasting that this game was in their bag and they were going to the playoffs...all they needed was 3 outs.  Even the parents on the other team were nasty.  Saying horrible things to our kids.  In 15 years of kids baseball I've never seen anything like it.  Our kids heard them loud and clear and in response my son was the first batter up and walked.  He then stole second and third.  Next batter walked.  Next two batters had singles, scoring Matt and loading the bases.  Two more batters, two more singles.  Still no outs.  Next batter gets a double, scoring two more and we WON THE GAME!!  Boy you have never seen a team exit a ballfield so fast.  Those mean, nasty parents had nothing but smack to say as the walked past our team.  It was really sad that they took the fun out of the game for their kids but WE ARE GOING TO THE PLAYOFFS!  Take THAT E.H.T. A team!!

Busy day tomorrow....hopefully will get some scrapping in but I have to do some shopping for my baby girl who will turn 12 on Sunday!!  Where did the time go?



Congrats Susan! You deserve them both! Great layouts!


Congratulations! Very cool! Yeah, it's too bad that parents act like that. It really takes the fun out of it, as well as teaches their kids really poor sportsmanship! Yuck!


Congrats on your awards! My son was a pitcher and I died a thousand deaths watching him play sometimes. At least your son is not on the team with the obnoxious coach. Brings back lots of good memories.

Wendy Crowe

Congrats Susan! That is so cool!
Congrats on the baseball win too! As for the other team...karma sucks doesn't it?


Congrats on your new awards!! They are very well deserved!!
Barb :)

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